We're all in this TOGETHER

  • Clean Beauty Virtual Summit

    Sunscreens - The Cleanest Ingredients and Most Harmful Ingredients to Avoid. And why.
  • Did you hear? OLITA made the list of safest sunscreens 2020.

    OLITA made the 2020 Guide to Safe Sunscreens! Be safe out there...
  • OLITA inside....the Clean Beauty Kit by Cassandra McClure

    The OLITA inside...the Clean Beauty Kit by Cassandra McClure. If it's in the Kit you knows it's good. And good for you. Enjoy!

    Best tips for sun safety during COVID-19 this summer. Protect your skin and your health.
  • We're all in this TOGETHER

    As we navigate our new and hopefully temporary 'normal' we send our love and empathy out to the HS, Collegiate, Pro and amateur athletes who missed...
  • Silver Lining to Pandemic

    Reduced human activity leads to reduced pollutants in our environment. An opportunity to create a green revolution when life returns to normal.
  • Surfrider adds the Olita brand to its list of reef safe sunscreens!

    An emerging concern among ocean scientists, stewards, and beach-goers is the impact that certain chemical sunscreens are having on the marine envir...
  • Olita Boasts Another Seal of Approval, This Time From the Mom’s Choice Awards

    Olita earns another seal of approval. Mom's Choice Awards loves our KIDS Mineral Sunstick SPF 30. Kid safe and reef safe!
  • Local Business Owner Laurie O’Hara Named to NSBA Leadership Council

      Local Business Owner Laurie O’Hara Named to NSBA Leadership Council San Rafael, CA – Laurie O’Hara, CEO and Founder of Olita Inc. of San Rafael, ...
  • Women Who Own It interview with founder, Laurie O'Hara

    Women Who Own It interview with Laurie O'Hara, founder of Olita...outlook, challenges and victories.
  • 2020 Skin Resolutions - Olita review

    Nurture and protect your biggest organ - your skin - in 2020 and always. Olita Product Review for Skin Resolutions.
  • Olita launches Kids Mineral Sunscreen in reef safe sunstick

    More and more consumers are catching on to the benefits of physical sunscreens - those made of zinc and titanium dioxide, like our Olita Kids Mineral Sunscreen just launched this summer.