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  • Olita Mineral sunscreen ahead of new FDA proposed regulation

    Olita sunscreen is safe on your skin and safe on the environment. Olita creates safe, effective sunscreen to protect you so you can do what you lov...
  • How safe is your sunscreen?

    It is estimated that 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up on coral reefs every year. This puts about one third of the ocean’s coral at risk. It is predicted that by 2050 (just 30 years from now!) 75% of coral will be critically at risk. There are many reasons to protect coral, the most biodiverse and endangered ecosystem in the world. 
  • Happy Earth Day from OLITA

    In honor of Earth Day and to show our commitment to making this a healthier planet, Olita is excited to announce our new membership into the EWG Ve...
  • Olita Mineral Sunscreen - Safe Choice for You and the Ocean

    Did you know that Hawaii is the first US state to pass a law banning the sale of sunscreen products containing oxybenzone and octinoxate? These two common sunscreen ingredients have been proven harmful to coral reefs and some believe they can hurt you as well.


  • Olita Sponsors Ohana Fest

    We love supporting a great cause. It's even better when we can do it at the beach! Olita was thrilled to sponsor the first ever Ohana music festiva...
  • Sparkle Foundation Event

    Olitashop at Sparkle Foundation Event
  • The Skincare Company You Can Trust Local Marin-based Olita [sponsored]

    The Skincare Company You Can Trust Local Marin-based Olita [sponsored]